About AHP

Alpha Eta Rho is a professional co-ed fraternity founded to bring together students having a common interest in the field of aviation. Whether you are aspiring to become a professional pilot, aiming to be involved in the management side of aviation, or just an aviation enthusiast, Alpha Eta Rho has a place for you.

AHP is a great way to meet new people with common interests and to build a network of contacts which will assist you in furthering your aviation career long after you have graduated. Alpha Eta Rho at Eastern Michigan University involves students in both professional and social activities. Members can enjoy the benefits of enhancing their aviation knowledge and career opportunities, and participate in numerous social activities at the same time.

Founded on April 10, 1929 at the University of Southern California, Alpha Eta Rho is the oldest professional aviation fraternity in history. Since 1929, AHP hashad granted charters to more than 140 chapters at the most prestigious aviation colleges and universities, fostering a unique bond among fellow aviators and aviation enthusiasts, and has aspired to uphold our long-standing motto of ”Collegiate Aviation Leaders of Today… Aviation Industry Leaders of Tomorrow.”

Comprised of over 50,000 alumni, Alpha Eta Rho seeks to instill in the public mind a confidence in aviation and its safety. AHP strives to promote contact between the students of aviation and those engaged in the profession, while constantly improving aviation education and research in the field. Alpha Eta Rho is a nonprofit volunteer organization working to enhance the quality of life of aviation students and strengthen the bonds that exist within the aviation community.

Alpha Eta Rho International Aviation Fraternity is a professional collegiate fraternity founded to bring together those students having a common interest in the field of commercial aviation.