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About Alpha Eta Rho, Sigma Chi

Alpha Eta Rho is a collegiate fraternity founded in the field of aviation. Alpha Eta Rho, or AHP, the Greek letters that stand for “A I R”, was created to fulfill a definite need at the time. Enrollment in the aviation courses on the campus of the University of Southern California in the spring semester of 1928-29 was surprisingly large; faculty members and students were voicing the need for an extracurricular activity for organizing and promoting this interest in aviation.

The Eastern Michigan University Sigma Chi Chapter was founded on April 14th, 1991 by Ian C. Boone, a student in the Aviation Management program. Ian is the son of Dr. Morell D. Boone, Dean of the College of Technology. Since then, the fraternity has continued to be a professional co-ed organization founded to bring a bond between the Aviation Flight and Aviation Management students at Eastern Michigan University and help maintain contact with past members that are currently involved in the field of aviation.

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Benefits of signing up:

AHP is a great way to meet new people. Members share common interests and build a network of contacts that will benefit your aviation career long after you have graduated.

Alpha Eta Rho at Eastern Michigan University involves students in both professional and social activities. Members can enjoy the benefits of enhancing their aviation knowledge and career opportunities, and participate in numerous social activities at the same time.

What we do:

The Sigma Chi Chapter at Eastern Michigan University prides itself in its approach to the aviation field, fostering an air of camaraderie, friendship, networking, and support.

In the field of aviation, safety is the most important facet of our training. Through the networking and support that we help provide, both managers and pilots alike come to understand the need and desire to maintain the highest standard of training and safety in the industry. We offer study assistance, events, facility tours, and also understand the need to get away from the books and have a fun night out.


Membership in Alpha Eta Rho is open to all collegiate men and women who have a strong interest in, or who are currently seeking careers in any field within the aviation and aerospace industries.